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20 Body Language Facts


80% of communication is really conveyed through body language. If you want to really know what someone is thinking or feeling, pay attention to the body language.

However, body language means different things in different contexts including culture.

Here is a list of 20 body languages and what they generally mean in Western culture:

Squinting - When people see what they don’t like, feel threatened, or are unhappy, they squint their eyes.

Arched Eyebrows - When we raise our eyebrows, it means we are contemplating what we’re listening to and that we’re mildly intrigued.

Direct Eye Contact - means we’re interested, we’re listening, and that we’re focused on you. It also conveys that we got nothing to hide.

Blinking too much - means we’re nervous or anxious

Hands the Church Steeple - fingertips touching, palms facing apart conveys we’re thinking and that we’re about to make a decision or move.

Arms Akimbo - planting your hands with your thumps backward on your hips and elbows out in a “V” shape displays dominance or authority.

Feet facing directly the other person - It shows that we’re focused on the other person.

Crossed feet (Standing or sitting) - When we cross our feet standing or sitting down, it shows that we’re comfortable or relaxed, but sometimes also defensive.

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I dedicate this work to my one and only, Mr. Domino Darren Espanto. Inspired ako gumawa dahil sa Domino Activity na ‘to. Charrr. Kahit na more on modeling less on animating. Nahihirapan ako grabe! Weakness ko ang 3D Animation </3 Pero I’ll try my best. Yeah yeah yeah! God is great. =D


FASHION: 3D Printed Fashion Collection by Noa Raviv

Designer Noa Raviv uses classical art and its evolution as the point of departure for her 3D printed collection ‘Hard Copy’.

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Diego Fragoso | Photographed by Cosimo Buccolieri

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